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Monday, May 07, 2018

Les dents, pipi et au lit (Emmanuel Gilbert)

Antoine, a bachelor party animal, has new roommates: Jeanne and her two children.

Starring: Arnaud Ducret, Louise Bourgoin, Timéo Bolland, Saskia de Melo Dillais, Laurent Ferraro, Michaël Cohen, Colette Kraffe, Hervé Masquelier, Roby Schinasi, Joana Preiss, Robert Plagnol

❤️ What can I say? A laugh-out-loud film from beginning to end.
I was not familiar with Arnaud Ducret's work, but now I am a fan! He is a great actor, funny, and makes it all seem effortless.
The plot was hilarious and the rest of the cast was amazing (including the two kids).
Overall, a well-spent time; however, you should not bring young kids to watch this movie as some scenes are too graphic for little children.

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