Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Happy Birthday (Danielle Steel)

For April Wyatt turning thirty is not what she had expected. She is single with no interest in changing that. Her successful restaurant in downtown New York consumes every ounce of her passion and energy. Ready or not, though, April's life is about to change in a tumultuous discovery on the morning of her milestone birthday.
April's mother, Valerie, is a popular TV personality. Since her divorce, she has worked tirelessly to reach the pinnacle of her career. But she is having trouble equating her age with how she feels, and all the hours with personal trainers, top hairdressers, and plastic surgeons cannot hide the fact that she is turning sixty - and the whole world discovers it on her birthday.
It is also Jack Adams' birthday - the most charismatic sports announcer and hall-of-fame football star on TV, a man who has his pick of desirable younger women. But he fears his age may finally be catching up with him when he wakes up on his fiftieth birthday needing an emergency visit to the chiropractor.
As these three very different people celebrate their birthdays, they discover that life itself is a celebration - and that its greatest gifts are always a surprise.

There had been no way of knowing all those months before, but the worst birthday for some of them had turned out to be the best birthday after all.

😝 The only reason I read this book was because it was a free copy.
To begin with, there is too much detail. I do not need to know what every character is doing every step of the way - a lot like 'he says, she says'.
The story is predictable and the characters are typical and shallow. I became sick and tired of hearing how great Valerie was at setting tables, how great Jack was as a sports announcer, and how great April's restaurant was.
In the end, I was sick and tired of all these people (seriously, I could not stand them).
In terms of story, I have one question: what was the point behind this book?
I felt like I was reading just for the sake of it.

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