Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

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Friday, March 02, 2018

The Last Mile (David Baldacci)

Melvin Mars awaits his fate on Death Row. He was one of America's most promising football stars until, aged twenty, he was arrested and convicted for the murder of his parents.
When FBI Special Agent Amos Decker hears the news that Melvin was saved moments before his execution because someone else confessed to the killings, he launches an investigation into the Mars murders to find out what really happened. It soon becomes clear that there is someone out there with a lot to hide, and a secret everyone is looking to uncover.
As the investigation deepens, Decker and his team discover layer upon layer of lies and deception rooted in a period of American history that most would rather forget.

I am afraid. I was afraid every time I stepped on the football field. Or did a patrol round as a cop. Still didn't stop me from doing my job.

❤️ I am new to this author having only read Hour Game prior to reading The Last Mile. If these two books are any indication of the rest of his stuff then I have a lot of reading enjoyment ahead of me.
Amos Decker is a brilliant character, a man with a perfect memory, imperfect social skills, and no tact, yet I enjoyed reading about him. I also liked the rest of the team.
The book is readable and the pages seem to just turn themselves. The story keeps you connected and there is not a single boring moment whatsoever.
I totally recommend this book!

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