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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Bridesmaids (Jane Costello)

Evie is 27, a sparkly, down-to-earth journalist who has never been in love and has started to think that she never will be. Small wonder, then, that the prospect of being bridesmaid at so many impending weddings fills her with utter trepidation.
When Jack starts becoming a regular fixture at the nuptials, however, things really start looking up.
Only between her discovery that he's been dating the stunning, self-obsessed Valentina, and an unfortunate incident with a 10-inch vibrator, not everything goes quite as Evie might have hoped...

It turns out that lovely, soft-spoken Charlotte - Charlotte who, ironically, never sees anything but good in people - can see nothing but bad in herself. And behind the shyness that I'd always assumed was just in her nature lies a self-esteem so low it defies gravity. Charlotte, it appears, doesn't like her milkmaid curves and gorgeous rosy cheeks. In fact, she despises them.
'I know I've never really said anything, but I have always felt like this... I was teased at school for the way I look, and although people don't say anything to my face any more, I know what everyone thinks about me.'

😐 When I picked up this book, I really thought I was going to read something hilarious (if not for the cover itself). However, most of the book was extremely boring and pointless, and the one-liners were not that funny.
But I did actually like Evie's mum, the scene with the vibrator, and the ending, where the story picked up pace (I just wished that had happened sooner).
Overall, this did not put me off Jane Costello books, since I have only read one so far, but I might wait a while before I read another one.

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