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Monday, January 22, 2018

The Congress of Rough Riders (John Boyne)

William Cody grows up surrounded by his father's tales of Buffalo Bill, to whom he is distantly related, and his fantasies of the Wild West.
Although he escapes his heritage by fleeing abroad and starting a new life for himself, he finds that he is always drawn back to England and to his ancestry.
When his father proposes that together they should recreate Buffalo Bill's stage show, 'The Congress of Rough Riders' for a contemporary audience, William refuses to have any part of it. When tragedy strikes, however, it is to his father that he must eventually return.

Sometimes people know how important they are to you and you don't have to keep showing it to them like that. I went home that night and felt as unhappy and miserable as before, but there was a difference now;
I knew my life had meaning and worth and there were people in it who added to it. And they didn't want to lose me either. And that mattered. It matters now.

❤️ I am not a big fan of westerns; however, I am a big fan of John Boyne, so I decided to give this book a go, and it did not disappoint.
I can understand why some people would have given up very early on as I almost did the same, but it does get better!
The story might be a little long, going back and forth between the past and the present, but one thing that I love about John Boyne is that he creates all these interesting storylines based on real historical characters. I loved that while taking this journey with Buffalo Bill, we also got to meet Annie Oakley, Oscar Wilde, and many others along the way.
I always feel that I learn so much more reading his books, although there is some fictional work in-between, but that is the fun of it. If you are in doubt, just look it up.
I recommend this book!

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