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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The House on Cold Hill (Peter James)

Moving from the heart of Brighton and Hove to the Sussex countryside is a big undertaking for Ollie and Caro Harcourt and their twelve-year-old daughter Jade. But when they view Cold Hill House - a huge, dilapidated Georgian mansion - Ollie is filled with excitement. Despite the financial strain of the move, he has dreamed of living in the country since he was a child, and he sees Cold Hill House as a paradise for his animal-loving daughter, the perfect base for his web-design business and a terrific long-term investment.
Within days of moving in, it becomes apparent that the Harcourt family are not the only residents of the house. A friend of Jade's is the first to see the spectral woman standing behind her as the girls talk on FaceTime. Then there are more sightings, and as the house seems to turn on the Harcourts, the terrified family discover its dark history, and the horrible truth of what it could mean for all of them...

'I saw an elderly lady in a blue dress. She appeared out of the wall on the left, glided across the room and disappeared into the wall on the right.'

😐 This was not a particularly interesting story to read. There was not much point to it. I kept thinking that maybe something worse was going to happen, and then it didn't... until the very end.
The unexpected ending managed to save the whole story. Everything else was just a waste of time.

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