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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Twisted (Lynda La Plante)

Where is Amy? She is with her mother, surely, or with her father, or at school, or with her best friend? She is with one of them, safe and sound... surely?
Then why has no one heard from her? It is only when Amy is reported missing from school that her mother Lena contacts the police. Fifteen-year-old Amy has not been seen for four days.
A family under constant police and press scrutiny, a father who is lying, a mother whose perfect world is crumbling, a detective under intense pressure...
Twisted... Who really knows the truth about Amy's disappearance?

Now I'm sure many of you in the room have been to some of the most horrendous and unimaginable crime scenes, and they can leave a lasting impression on your mind, especially if the victims are children. But how do you deal with it... how do you cope?

❤️ This was my first Lynda La Plante book and I was actually very impressed with the writing. It was very detailed, particularly with the numerous suspects and the various lines of enquiry that were taken by DI Reid and his team. An excellent read which raised many issues, including mental health and abuse. And let us not forget the unexpected plot twist.
I highly recommend it!

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