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Monday, July 18, 2016

A Canção de Lisboa (Pedro Varela)

This is a remake of the 1933 film with the same name, which starred António Silva, Vasco Santana, and Beatriz Costa.
Vasco Leitão, a Medical student in Lisbon, has been partying while counting on an allowance sent by his aunts who live up north and believe that he is a top student. However, Vasco is more of a party animal and ladies man. His eyes are particularly set on Alice, who in the remake is the daughter of the future prime minister (while in the original version, she was the daughter of a tailor). After Vasco has failed the final exam yet again, his aunts decide to pay him a visit...

Starring: César Mourão, Luana Martau, Miguel Guilherme, Marcus Majella, Maria Vieira, São José Lapa, Carla Vasconcelos, Ruy de Carvalho

My thoughts on this film: It is definitely not Oscar material, but that is not all. This movie lacks all its important characteristics that made it so great in the 30s.
There are no scenes which we will be remembering in 40 years time.
You do not get to see a charismatic Vasco Santana or Beatriz Costa.
You take an old-time movie and add new technology, new music, and an 'almost' new story, and you get something horrendous, which I regret having gone to see.
I love those actors, but they should have named the film something else because the only thing similar to the original is the exam part where Vasco finally gets a right answer. And the names were also kept. But everything else is just a totally different story, which I did not find at all funny.
Vasco Leitão is played by César Mourão as we know him. Whether you like it or not, its his kind of humour. This is good in the comedy bits but not the love scenes, as they become less believable.
Luana Martau plays sweet Alice... well, she was only sweet in the second half of the movie as she spends the first half threatening to break Vasco's head in.
Unlike the hilarious António Silva, Miguel Guilherme plays Alice's father, who actually likes Vasco Leitão and tries to help him throughout the film. Where is the fun of the chase?
The music is also entirely new... and quite dull.
I will not be seeing this film again.

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