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Monday, December 07, 2015

The Dressmaker (Jocelyn Moorhouse)

Tilly Dunnage returns to her small home town in the country to right the wrongs of the past.

Starring: Liam Hemsworth, Kate Winslet, Hugo Weaving, Sarah Snook, Judy Davis, Caroline Goodall, Kerry Fox, Rebecca Gibney, Hayley Magnus, James Mackay, Barry Otto, Shane Jacobson, Julia Blake, Sacha Horler, Shane Bourne

Why I loved this film: Some say Tilly committed a horrible crime and was cursed for it. She has come back to town in order to better learn the truth about what really happened and to set things right.
Battle lines form. Many want Tilly to be guilty and cursed. They work to get her seen in the worst light. Yet, there are many who believe in Tilly. As she sets up a dress making shop and helps create new and better characters for people, her allies grow. The dresses she makes change how people see themselves and how others view them. It may not be Tilly who is cursed, it might rather be the town for their judgement of a little girl.
At the heart of this wonderful film is the theme of how a few awful people make life so bad for others by their terrible and swift judgement. I must say, I really related to Tilly, although I was never accused of murdering anyone.
This movie is set in the 1950s and it is both serious and funny, filled with amazing twists and turns. Added to the spell-binding writing is the superb acting of Kate Winslet, Liam Hemsworth, and many others. This is definitely a 'must see' film!