Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Absolutely Anything (Terry Jones)

When some aliens - who travel from planet to planet to see what kind of species inhabit them - come to Earth, they decide that, if they are, according to their standards, decent, they will remain alive, otherwise the planet will be destroyed. To find that out, they choose one inhabitant and give that person the power to do whatever he/she wants. They choose Neil Clarke, a teacher constantly being berated by the headmaster and attracted to his neighbour, Catherine, although he does not have the guts to approach her.
Now that he can do absolutely anything, he must be careful.

Starring: Kate Beckinsale, Simon Pegg, Robin Williams, Terry Gilliam, John Cleese, Rob Riggle, Joanna Lumley, Eddie Izzard, Terry Jones, Eric Idle, Michael Palin, Alexa Davies, Meera Syal, Emma Pierson, Sanjeev Bhaskar

Why I loved this film: The trailer was too great, which had me interested straight away. The plot line alone, the ability to grant any wish you want to come true, had me intrigued. This movie does a good job at keeping you wondering throughout. A few of his wishes were clever and made me really wonder 'what would I wish for?'
The weakest part, I would have to say, is the ending. You will not walk out of this movie thinking 'Oh my gosh Simon Pegg just delivered the best performance in his entire career' but, that does not mean it was bad. The acting was good, the editing was fine, and overall, I would recommend it to anyone - but it will not be the best film you have ever seen.

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