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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Private L.A. (James Patterson & Mark Sullivan)

Jack Morgan is having a bad week. His twin brother is up on a murder charge and determined to frame him for the crime, and one of Jack's clients has just called to report the burnt bodies of four surfers on his beach.
But what seems like a random mugging gone wrong soon reveals something far worse - a killer calling themselves No Prisoners is holding the city to ransom. And there is more bad news: Hollywood's golden couple, Thom and Jennifer Harlow, have been kidnapped, along with their adopted children.
It looks like the whole world is about to discover whether Private are really as good as they say they are...

Quote: "We are the sum of our thoughts. What you choose to dwell on will dictate your emotions."

My thoughts on this book: There were two completely unrelated story lines, while the No Prisoners took main stage, the Hollywood couple only seemed to serve as a gap filler when nothing else was going on, to the extent where not much thought seemed to have gone to the ending leaving me wondering 'is this it?'. I also could not help reading Brad and Angelina every time this second story came up. However, it did seem to depict the type of scandal found in Hollywood, where celebrities are placed on a pedestal and their craft is put above morals. Then there was the Justine storyline... Very actual and I guess it hit home where a woman is left wondering about her own morals after having been led on by a good looking guy, and starts putting her own life and future into perspective. Will she be alone forever? Definitely something we single ladies tend to think about. Plus the whole workout scenario. I really related more to Justine in this book than in any other book of the Private collection.
It was also fun to read while spending my holidays in Mexico. It made me feel closer to the story.
Overall, I liked what was done with the No Prisoners but felt that the Hollywood couple lacked a little more of a storyline.

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