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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Marriage Bargain (Jennifer Probst)

Loyalty, intelligence, and humour - a recipe for the perfect man - quite literally, as Alexa is making a potion to summon herself a knight in shining armour. Impulsive bookshop owner Alexa is willing to try anything in order to save her family home. But has she inadvertently summoned the devil?
Handsome billionaire Nicholas Ryan, brother of Alexa's best friend, and the man who once shattered Alexa's heart suddenly reappears in her life. When he learns of Alexa's troubles, he sees a way to help her whilst also helping himself...
In order to inherit his uncle's corporation, Nick must marry, and remain married for at least a year. This is his proposal to Alexa - marriage in name only, for one year, no entanglement and most importantly, no love... What could possibly go wrong?

Quote: "Nice try, but I'm not one of the Twinkies you're used to dating. Take it or leave it."

My thoughts on this book: Even though this story was predictable, the author's storytelling kept me thoroughly interested and made me excited to get back to Nick and Alexa every chance I got! That says a lot about how this book was written. The reader is never in doubt as to what is going on in his or her head, and I understood their fears, doubts and surging passion even more as the story continued. I was, however, disappointed by the ending since it felt rushed and a tad unrealistic!

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