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Monday, May 19, 2014

NYPD Red 2 (James Patterson & Marshall Karp)

When the tortured body of a woman is found on a carousel in Central Park, the elite team at NYPD Red are put on the case. Someone has been hunting down suspects who have escaped conviction for brutal crimes, and this is victim number four.
The body has been scrubbed clean, just like the rest, destroying any shred of evidence. Detectives Zach Jordan and Kylie MacDonald are the best of the best, but whoever is committing these murders clearly knows how to avoid detection.
As public and political pressure mounts, Zach and Kylie find themselves in a deadly game with an opponent who is one step ahead of every move they make.

Quote: "You suffer from what we in the profession call the grown-man-dumb-as-shit syndrome."

Why this book speaks to me: I was really surprised by how much more I liked this book than the first one. James Patterson has been one of my favourite writers for a very long time and I must admit that his recent novels have not been as good as his older ones. The second book in the NYPD Red series had a very surprising twist that really blew my mind and brought back hope that Mr. Patterson has not lost his touch after all!

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