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Friday, March 07, 2014

Touch & Go (Lisa Gardner)

Justin and Libby Denbe are living the dream. A beautiful fifteen-year-old daughter. A gorgeous Boston home. A great marriage. The perfect life. And now they are gone.
The scuff marks on the floor and a million pieces of taser confetti prove that the family was forcibly taken. But why?
Flawless fronts can guide secrets and with no witnesses, no ransom demands and no motive, the past must be unravelled piece by piece if they are to be found...

Quote: "Forget for an instant that the man has betrayed his own wife. He's also betrayed his only child. This is the guy you want to run away with?"

My thoughts on this book: Touch & Go is the second book I've read by author Lisa Gardner. It was an enjoyable read...but...there were times when it would just seem to go on and on without a particular direction! It dealt with the issues and problems of the characters for too long! In spite of that, I went along with the outrageous, suspense belief scenes, but seriously, even the story about Tess... Touch & Go just appears to be all over the place without a sense of direction.

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