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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Last Vegas (written by Dan Fogelman; directed by Jon Turteltaub)

Billy, Paddy, Archie and Sam have been best friends since childhood. So when Billy, the group's sworn bachelor, finally proposes to his thirty-something girlfriend, the four head to Las Vegas with a plan to stop acting their age and relive their glory days. However, upon arriving, the four quickly realise that the decades have transformed Sin City and tested their friendship in ways they never imagined.

Starring: Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline, Mary Steenburgen, Jerry Ferrara, Romany Malco, Michael Ealy, Joanna Gleason, Bre Blair, April Billingsley, Noah Harden, RJ Fattori, Aaron Bantum, Phillip Wampler, Olivia Stuck

Why I loved this film: This seemed like an older version of 'The Hangover'. Four lifelong friends reunite for the bachelor party/wedding of one of their elements - who is marrying a woman almost forty years his junior. There is also the fact that each of the men has some sort of hangup or hangups that will be sorted out during this weekend of debauchery.
But for a movie that does pretty much stick to a standard formula, Last Vegas receives a big boost from its decorated cast. Counting Mary Steenburger, who plays Diana the singer, there are seven Oscars among five actors. Pretty impressive, if you ask me.
Put De Niro, Freeman and Douglas in the same room and you have achieved Gold, whatever the storyline!

Saturday, November 02, 2013

About Time (Richard Curtis)

At the age of 21, Tim Lake discovers he can travel in time... The night after another unsatisfactory New Year party, Tim's father tells his son that the men in their family have always had the ability to travel through time. Tim cannot change history, but he can change what happens and has happened in his own life - so he decides to make his world a better place... by getting a girlfriend.

Starring: Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy, Lydia Wilson, Lindsay Duncan, Richard Cordery, Joshua McGuire, Tom Hollander, Margot Robbie, Will Merrick, Harry Hadden-Paton

My thoughts on this film: I loved 'Love Actually'; I loved 'Notting Hill'; but I hated this movie!
It was a disappointing, tear-jerking mess. The start seemed promising, but that soon changed.
There was not much story except for the time-travel nonsense; and the whole 'you can't go back to before your baby was born or you will have a different baby' was just too much!
The movie did have its better moments, even genuinely comic ones, but they were not worth the remaining 90%.

Rachel's Holiday (Marian Keyes)

Meet Rachel Walsh. She has a pair of size 8 feet and such a fondness for recreational drugs that her family has come up with the cash for a spell in Cloisters - Dublin's answer to Betty Ford Clinic. She only agreed to go because she heard that rehab is wall-to-wall jacuzzis, gymnasiums, and rock stars - and it is about time she had a holiday!
But what Rachel does not count on are the toe-curling embarrassments heaped on her by family and group therapy, the absence of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll - and missing Luke, her ex.

Quote: "It's tremendously liberating when you don't fancy someone because you don't have to try and make them fancy you."

Why this book speaks to me: Besides Marian Keyes writing in her usual hilarious manner, this novel touched on the very serious topic of drug/alcohol addiction - making it interesting and most definitely entertaining. However, that is all I can say about this book. The topic has been discussed in many formats and it did not bring anything new to the table, the story was too long, and I did not enjoy the constant alternating between the past and present - it becomes a little annoying after a while and hard to keep up with the story. But, overall, as I said, it was entertaining and funny.