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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Second Honeymoon (James Patterson & Howard Roughan)

When FBI agent John O'Hara receives a call from a man desperate for his help, little does he know his whole life will turn upside down. The man's son and daughter-in-law have been found murdered on their honeymoon in the Caribbean. He wants justice, and will pay O'Hara handsomely to hunt down the killer.

Quote: "We'd only just met. I could be cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs for all he really knew."

My thoughts on this book: It is not just about the 'Second Honeymoon' serial killer; we also have the 'John O'Hara' serial killer on the loose...
I had mixed feelings about this novel; on the one hand, it was full of twists and turns, which was hard to put down, but something felt too much like his other novels. It was fun to read and I loved it, but somehow it does not go on the 'books that speak to me' list, there is a secret ingredient missing...

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