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Monday, July 22, 2013

Micro (Michael Crichton & Richard Preston)

Three men are found dead in a locked Honolulu office. There is no sign of a struggle, but their bodies are covered in ultra-fine razor-sharp cuts.
Seven of America's top graduate students are invited to Hawaii by a pioneering microbiology company, which promises them access to the very latest scientific discoveries. But they are walking into a death trap.
Exposed to technology of unimaginable power, the group is thrown into Hawaii's rainforest. To survive, they must harness the destructive force of nature itself - and escape the company's trained killers who hunt them through the hostile wilderness...

Quote: "We think they look primitive, we think fewer legs is a sign of intelligence. Because we walk on two legs, we think it makes us smarter and better than an animal that walks on four or six legs."

Why this book speaks to me: I had tried to read other books by Michael Crichton following the success that was 'Jurassic Park' - such as 'Prey' - but I felt disappointed and had more or less given up on him; however, I decided to give the last novel he wrote before passing away in 2008 a chance, and found something much closer to Jurassic Park.
I do not understand how no one has had the idea to turn this into a movie.
I was constantly comparing it to Jurassic Park, since once they are in the micro-world, our scientists are forced to traverse a rainforest that is crawling with gigantic predators.
It would seem that the retreat of scientists to the laboratory is the general inspiration for the novel. In his introduction, Crichton criticises the scientific community for failing to do field work and relying on computer models. Regardless of his aims, Crichton's narrative is solid. The animals often appear quite spooky, the micro-sized tools that the scientists come up with to survive in the micro-world are pretty cool, and the pace is fast. In other words, he covered all the bases.

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