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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Hangover Part III (Todd Phillips, Craig Mazin, Jon Lucas, Scott Moore)

In the aftermath of the death of Alan's father, the wolfpack decide to take Alan to get treated for his mental issues. But things start to go wrong on the way to the hospital as the wolfpack is assaulted and Doug is kidnapped. Now they must find Mr. Chow again and surrender him.

Starring: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha, Ken Jeong, John Goodman, Melissa McCarthy, Jeffrey Tambor, Heather Graham, Mike Epps

Why I loved this film: I loved the first movie but the second was a bit of a disappointment, so I was a little curious and scared about the third one.
Well, the 'epic finale' was not as epic or quite a finale, if you ask me, I believe there will be a fourth movie; all the elements remain therein.
However, in terms of comedy, all the great actors turned up and it was a laugh from beginning to end. The writers managed to make up for the second 'Hangover' being a disappointment; although, I must warn you that if you are looking for an interesting story then this is not the movie to watch, 'The Hangover' is all about stupid jokes and crazy moments (and Bradley Cooper...) but that is what makes it so much fun! Who cares about the story when there is a decapitated giraffe on the road?
Also make sure to watch at least one of the previous 'Hangover' movies, since there are a few references to those.
Now, let us wait for 'Hangover 4'!

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