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Monday, June 24, 2013

NYPD Red (James Patterson & Marshall Karp)

This is the elite team in New York's police department, handing the cases involving the most important and high-profile individuals in the city. It is Detective Zach Jordan's dream job, but he is about to step into a nightmare.
In the middle of a New York film festival, a maniac begins a very public and very brutal killing sprree targeting Hollywood's biggest stars.
Zach is asssigned a new partner, Detective Kylie MacDonald, who is also his ex-girlfriend. But they will need to put their history aside to have a chance of stopping this homicidal psychopath before he brings New York City to its knees.

Quote: "A lot of these people sleep around, but in show business, adultery isn't a motive for murder; it's a lifestyle."

My thoughts on this book: It has to be the worst James Patterson book I have read so far. I usually enjoy his stories, but this time I did not find anything new... same old, same old!
This is basically about some cops chasing a 'wannabe' who does not bring anything new to the table, even his methods are old.
It is good for passing time, but after a while even I became bored!

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