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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Djibouti (Elmore Leonard)

Dara Barr, documentary film-maker, is at the top of her game. She has covered neo-Nazis and post-Katrina New Orleans, but now she is looking for an even bigger challenge.
So Dara and her right-hand man, Xavier, head to Djibouti - in the Horn of Africa - to tackle modern-day pirates. But they soon find a whole lot more than they bargained for and quickly learn that almost no one in Djibouti is what they seem.
A mob of colourful characters patrols the seas, including a pirate chief with a taste for fine cars and an Oxford-educated sheikh with scams of his own. And then there is the gun-toting Texan billionaire Billy Wynn, and James Russell - an American al-Qaeda convert who wants to blow up something big. As hijacked tankers line up like floating bombs, Dara and Xavier know it is time for a showdown...

Quote: "You were yourself, always you every minute. Different than other women."

My thoughts on this book: Storywise, I found it pretty interesting. You have al-Qaeda and pirates combined with fictional characters played in movies, such as Jack D. Ripper - played by Sterling Hayden in 'Dr. Strangelove' -, and actor mentions, as is the case with Morgan Freeman, Naomi Watts, and Will Smith. Add this to crime fiction and murders; you have an outstanding result.
However, there are times when it becomes a little confusing due to the timespan between the actual events and video editing by Dara and Xavier.

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