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Monday, March 04, 2013

The Love Killers (Jackie Collins)

Beth, Lara, and Rio - three exotic women with a common cause and vengeance in their hearts. They are out to avenge a murder and they will go to any lengths.
Their targets are the heirs of the Bassalino crime family.
Their weapon is sex.
The result is a bloodbath of sexual mayhem through the lethal corridors of organised crime.
Three beautiful women set out to prove that when it comes to revenge, the female is far, far deadlier than the male!

Quote: "The man who comes to you with his dick hanging out may want to make it with you, but does he want to work next to you? Does he want to see you get paid the same money for the same job he's doing? Hey - what about the guy in the street who undresses you with his eyes... Is he your equal, baby? Well? WELL?"

My thoughts on this book: On the one hand, it starts in an exciting manner with an unexpected ending; however, there comes a time when this is nothing but a bloodbath.
Overall, it is a fun book to read. With a lot of Girl Power!

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