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Friday, February 08, 2013

The Power Trip (Jackie Collins)

A Russian billionaire and his state-of-the-art yacht, a beautiful and sexy supermodel, and five dynamic, powerful, and famous couples are invited on the maiden voyage: a senator and his lovely but unhappy wife; a very attractive movie star and his needy ex-waitress girlfriend; a famous black footballer and his trophy wife; a male Latin singing sensation and his English boyfriend; and a maverick writer with his Asian journalist female friend.
Could this be the trip of a lifetime? Or a trip from hell?

Quote: "The deserted island was a magical place. A glorious oasis in the middle of the sea. Pristine white sands, crystal-clear blue water, pockets of unusual rock formations, lush greenery and groves of palm trees heading inland."

My thoughts on this book: I was a big Jackie Collins fan because I used to love the glamour of Hollywood combined with suspense that jumped out of her books. However, this one was a trip from hell for me.
A 517-page story which only becomes exciting on the 400th page, and yet not as extraordinary as I had hoped.
The only 'up' was the beautiful scenery described therein, otherwise I was just bored hoping to finish the book as soon as possible.

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