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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The dead won't sleep (Anna Smith)

A decomposed body washes up on a beach near Glasgow. The victim is a fourteen-year-old junkie and prostitute called Tracy Eadie.
Rosie Gilmour, tabloid journalist and crusader for justice, receives evidence linking police officials with Tracy's disappearance.
Digging deeper, Rosie uncovers a sickening network of corruption and abuse leading back to the very top of the establishment - and to powerful figures who want their secrets kept hidden.
Rosie has found the story of a lifetime. Yet living to tell it will be her greatest challenge.

Quote: "Rosie laughed as Gemma said she might get a boyfriend soon. They were so innocent. She could picture how they would be in a few years time, and her heart sank."

My thoughts on this book: At first, I was concerned that this was going to be boring because it seemed like the whole plot was being told straight away... But then the story evolved and soon it had my undivided attention!
This brought me back to a recent scandal in Portugal, where kids from a Portuguese school/orphanage were being taken by a caretaker to meet and be abused by High Society individuals. The story is exactly the same and so are the problems connected.
At the time of the scandal I was working in a newspaper as a training journalist, so I actually witnessed the issues journalists had to deal with and overcome in order to have their findings told. It was not easy!
More than a thriller, this is a touching story of what many kids go through in foster homes - what creates their future!

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