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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Survivors Club (Lisa Gardner)

The Survivors Club... That is what Jillian, Carol and Meg call it. They do not consider themselves to be victims. They are survivors who faced the blazing headlines and helped lead the investigation that caught Eddie Como, the man who changed their lives forever.
But now Eddie Como, the College Hill Rapist, has been murdered, shot down outside the courtroom moments before his trial was to begin. Jillian, Carol and Meg are openly ecstatic - but they are also the prime suspects in his murder.
Detective Roan Griffin has never had a case quite like this one. Could three ordinary women have been driven to do the unthinkable? Has someone in the Survivors Club become a killer? And then another woman is brutally attacked...

Quote: "In the end, they had a description of a white male who was between five and six feet tall, who might have brown hair, blond hair or black hair, who was either heavyset or rail-thin, who was wearing a ski mask, a Zorro-like mask, a stocking mask or nothing at all, and who may or may not bear a striking resemblance to James Gandolfini's character on The Sopranos."

Why this book speaks to me: Besides the fact that I love crime fiction books, this is one of those stories where you think you know it all at the beginning and by mid-book you realise how wrong you were all the way!
I also like how it deals with sensitive issues such as rape, and pedophiles, as well as consequences for the victims in the long run.
The humour with which it treats journalists and their interference in murder cases is also a good laugh.
Overall, this is a page turner!

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