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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Titanic Secret (Jack Steel)

On April 10th, 1912, as the RMS Titanic leaves from Southampton Docks for her maiden voyage to New York, little do her 2.223 passengers dream of the powers at play on board the ship and the terrifying fate that awaits them far out in the icy wastes of the Atlantic.
For on board the Titanic are three men - among the richest in America - who are about to deliver a message that will change the course of history.
Aware of the gravity of the situation, the head of British Intelligence dispatches his best and most trusted agent, Alex Tremayne, onto the Titanic with one purpose in mind - to stop the men from reaching New York, by whatever means necessary.
Aided by the cool American agent Maria Weston, Alex must be prepared for the lengths he will have to go to fulfil his mission.

Quote: "Maria nodded. She,too, looked uncomfortable with the reality of the situation in which they now found themselves. Like Tremayne, in her brief career with the Bureau of Investigation she'd been forced to take a human life. In fact, she had been forced to take five lives, but in every case she had been involved in a covert operation and had either been defending herself or protecting a fellow agent. The idea that she would have to be involved in the cold-blooded killing of another person, and at the whim of a man she'd only recently met, made her feel very uneasy, despite the importance of the mission."

Author's Note:"This is of course a work of fiction, and the events I've described as taking place on the ship and in Berlin and elsewhere never actually happened. The Titanic really did hit an iceberg, literally a glancing blow, but that was enough to send the world's biggest ship to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean."

Why this book speaks to me: This new approach to the Titanic tragedy was very interesting. I love true stories, documentaries and so forth. Now pick a real tragedy, add some fiction and you have a success - a book that is hard to put down before reaching the very end.
The only thing I did not like, which stuck in my mind, was when a submarine was roaming the ocean and the author writes that they were looking for "living survivors"; I never heard of dead survivors, so that part did not make much sense, otherwise I loved the story and recommend it!

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