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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Ugly Truth (Nicole Eastman, Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith)

In this movie, directed by Robert Luketic, Abby is the successful producer of a morning show, who asks a lot of the opposite sex; However, Mike, the annoying star of the show, knows that men only want one thing.
Abby decides to follow Mike's advice on a promising relationship in order to prove that romance does not scare her... But the result surprises everyone.

Starring: Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler, Bree Turner, Eric Winter, Nick Searcy, Cheryl Hines, John Michael Higgins, Yvette Nicole Brown

Why I loved this film: I must confess that I first watched this movie because of Gerard Butler (what can I say, the man is gorgeous and I am only human...), although I had only heard good things about "The Ugly Truth": It was nothing like other romantic comedies.
I must agree that this is not the typical mooshy romantic comedy that will get you a few laughs and that is it. I found myself laughing out loud throughout the entire movie... I could not help it... This was just hilarious from beginning to end!
The scene at the dining table with the orgasm was brilliant! Thumbs up to Katherine Heigl! As much as I have acted and had acting lessons, that must be a really hard scene to do, she really pulled through and I could not stop laughing... Totally hilarious!
Gerard Butler also proved that he is a great comedy actor as I always suspected from interviews. I actually prefer him in comedy, since the fight, epic movies that he makes are not my style.
However, I was disappointed by the ending... Just when I thought this was not a typical romantic comedy, the end proves otherwise. Right now in my postgraduate course we are writing a screenplay for a class and we were told not to write a happy ending because that is the easiest thing to do. I totally agree and I wish we could see something different in movies, instead of the same Happy Ever After.

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