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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Mark Twain)

Whether forming a pirate gang to search for buried treasure or spending a quiet time at home, sharing his medicine with Aunt Polly's cat, our dearest Tom Sawyer evokes the world of boyhood in nineteenth-century rural America. In this classic story Mark Twain recreated an appealing world based on his own childhood, as well as his friends'.
Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn conceal themselves in the town cemetery, where they witness a grave robbery and a murder; Later in the book, they hide out on an island while the townspeople conduct a frantic search and finally mourn them as dead... Until they return to attend their own funeral; And if that is not enough, Tom and his sweetheart, Becky Thatcher, lose their way in a cave...
With its hilarious accounts of boyish pranks and cunning assessments of human nature, this is a must-read novel that continues to captivate all generations!

Quote: "Tom, it don't make no difference. I ain't everybody, and I can't stand it. It's awful to be tied up so. And grub comes too easy - I don't take no interest in vittles, that way. I got to ask to go a-fishing; I got to ask to go in a-swimming - dern'd if I hain't got to ask to do everything. Well, I'd got to talk so nice it wasn't no comfort - I'd got to go up in the attic and rip out awhile, every day, to git a taste in my mouth, or I'd 'a' died, Tom. The widder wouldn't let me smoke; she wouldn't let me yell, she wouldn't let me gape, nor stretch, nor scratch, before folks - And dad fetch it, she prayed all the time! I never see such a woman! I had to shove, Tom - I just had to. And besides, that school's going to open, and I'd'a' had to go to it - well, I wouldn't stand that, Tom. Looky here, Tom, being rich ain't what it's cracked up to be. It's just worry and worry, and sweat and sweat, and a-wishing you was dead all the time."

Why this book speaks to me: I had read it before when I was little and I remember loving this book so much, imagining what it would be like to have the freedom that Tom and his friends had... Roaming through the countryside, swimming in the river, camping on a deserted island, playing pirates and exploring caves... It was pure joy to read about their adventures!
Now, as an adult, I have another sense regarding the human nature of the book, however, it only makes the story more meaningful and complete.
It also manages to bring out the kid in me... I can never get enough of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn!

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