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Monday, December 12, 2011

Tick Tock (James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge)

What to do when someone is recreating the crimes of infamous killers from New York's history? The city has never been more terrified!
A rash of horrifying crimes tears through New York City, throwing it into complete chaos and terrorising everyone living there. Immediately, it becomes clear that they are not the work of an amateur, but rather a calculating, efficient, and deadly mastermind.
Detective Michael Bennett is called from a seaside retreat with his ten adopted children, grandfather, and beloved nanny, Mary Catherine. Not only does this tear apart their first vacation since Michael's wife Maeve died, but it also leaves the entire family open to attack.
Bennett enlists the help of a former colleague, FBI Agent Emily Parker. As his affection for Emily grows into something stronger, his relationship with Mary Catherine takes an unexpected turn. All too soon, another appalling crime leads Bennett to a shocking discovery that exposes the killer's pattern and the earth-shattering enormity of his plan...

Quote: "How could one person not only seek revenge and twisted, freaky peekaboo thrills but also relish inflicting pain all at the same time?
He couldn't[...]. It didn't make any goddamn sense."

Why this book speaks to me: I am a big James Patterson fan. He really is one of the best thriller writers!
I am interested in detective work, not only what drives someone into committing a crime, but also how that person is caught (I should have been a detective in another life), so this book was a nice surprise for me because it not only went through the moves leading to catching the killer, but Mr. Patterson also decided to give a little insight on the most horrendous crimes from the 90's, making the story much more interesting.
I also must say that I read the last 150 pages in one go because this book was very difficult to put down!

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