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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ice Age (Michael J. Wilson, Michael Berg, Peter Ackerman, James Bresnahan, Galen T. Chu, Doug Compton, Xeth Feinberg, Jeff Siergey, Mike Thurmeier)

Back when the Earth was being occupied by glaciers and animals were sprinting to save themselves from the upcoming Ice Age, Sid - the sloth, Manny - the mammoth, and Diego - the tiger, are forced to become unlikely heroes. The three reluctantly come together when they have to return a human child to his father while braving the deadly elements of the impending Ice Age.

Starring: Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Goran Visnjic, Jack Black

Why I loved this film: Although this is a cartoon, I did not think it was for kids due to the kind of jokes. Very hilarious and sweet from beginning to end - I was actually crying from laughing so hard!
This is definitely a "must see" movie, which means that now I will have to watch the two sequels...

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