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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Family Ties (Danielle Steel)

Annie Ferguson was a bright young architect. Talented, beautiful, just starting out with her first job, new apartment and boyfriend, she had the world in the palm of her hand - until a single telephone call changed the course of her life forever. Overnight, she inherited her sister's three orphaned children, keeping a promise she never regretted making, even if it meant putting her own life indefinitely on hold.
Now, at forty-two, with a satisfying career and a family that means everything to her, Annie is comfortable being single and staying that way. With her nephew and nieces finally adults, she is navigating a parent's difficult passage between lending them a hand and letting go.
Twenty-eight-year-old Liz, an overworked, struggling editor in a high-powered job at Vogue, has never allowed any man to come close enough to hurt her. Ted, at twenty-four a serious and hardworking law student, is captivated by a much older woman who is leading him much further than he wants to go. While the youngest, twenty-one-year-old Katie, is an art student about to make a choice that will lead her to a world she is in no way prepared for but determined to embrace.
Then a chance encounter changes Annie's life yet again in the most unexpected direction.
From Manhattan to Paris and all the way to Tehran, this novel reminds us how challenging and unpredictable life can be, but whatever happens, the bonds of family are the strongest of all.

Quote: "Men with that much charm were just never faithful. It wasn't in their DNA. She knew it but always tried to tell herself that it would be different this time, but it never was. Jean-Louis was just like all the other men she had dated. They were all clones of each other. She always picked the ones who couldn't be faithful or commit. It fit perfectly with her own fear of commitment and provided an inevitable end. She had been part of scenes like this too often before."

What I liked about this book: The beginning and the end were exciting, with different storylines that intertwined throughout the book and thrilling plots. I also saw myself in Liz's choice of men, it was like reading about my life, except for the fact that I get more suspicious. But, most of all, I loved the message it sends about families sticking together, no matter what. They should be top in our priorities!

What I disliked about this book: throughout the story there is a big gap where nothing interesting seems to happen, so it does become boring for a while.

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