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Monday, September 19, 2011

Farce of the Penguins (Bob Saget)

It is mating season...
In Antarctica it is 58 degrees below zero...
Every year, millions of penguins arrive in search of something we all desire. No, not fish, yuck... I meant love!
This is a story about love, determination and birds getting down to business. For many years, two penguins have been taking part in the annual mating ritual, they have sex with a female, make an egg, disappear for months in search of food and never see the "girl" or baby again. However, this year things will be a lot different...
Carl is finally ready for more than just some penguin arse. He wants the beautiful Melissa to be the love of his life. Therefore, it is now time for Jimmy to help his neurotic friend to conquer her heart... And also find his dream "girl". The only things standing in his way are... One hundred kilometres through Antarctica. It will be a trip like no other, when these two friends get together to make the journey towards paradise.
Watch out for a tough, and a little dirty, voyage!

Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Jason Alexander, Christina Applegate, James Belushi, Jason Biggs, Dane Cook, Drea de Matteo, Whoopi Goldberg, Alyson Hannigan, Jamie Kennedy, Lori Loughlin, Mo'Nique, Tracy Morgan, Bob Saget, John Stamos, Jodie Sweetin, Damon Wayans

Why I loved this film: This spoof of March of the Penguins is one of my favourite films ever!
Farce of the Penguins brings a whole new meaning to documentaries, although it seems like porn for penguins... This is a love story in Animal World, where I see my life through the eyes of a penguin...
I had to buy the DVD in order to watch it every time I feel down, the jokes never get old, the cast is brilliant and you get to check out every movie rolled into one: comedy, musicals and the unavoidable love story with a happy ending.
After all this, there is only one thought left... Will I ever find the right penguin for me?

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