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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Jason Segel)

Nicholas Stoller directs this comedy about the hard task that is moving on and getting over a broken heart after being dumped.
Musician Peter Bretter has spent the last five long and magnificent years idolising his famous girlfriend, movie star Sarah Marshall. However, his seeming perfect world comes tumbling down after Sarah dumps him for another musician, with whom she had been cheating for a year. Worse comes to worst when Peter's plans to move on backfire on him, leading us to believe that his worst nightmare has just begun.

Starring: Jason Segel, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, Russel Brand

Why I loved this film: To begin with, girls, Jason Segel appears completely naked! What more could we want?
Russel Brand is his usually hilarious self, everytime he appeared I cried from laughing so much!
I also relate to the character and the difficult journey that is to move on and search for the right person, especially if you are in love with someone who you should forget about, and it hurts even more when you see that person with another.
It also shows how hard it is to be single in a world filled with happy couples, but then there is the side of these newlyweds, who seem so happy, but are actually having marriage troubles.
I was not rooting for the happy ending, but I was glad both characters had to make an effort for it to work, so it was not the usual Hollywood ending, there was a little more reality involved. I particularly enjoyed when Mila's character turned to Peter and said that just because another woman had hurt him, it did not excuse him for acting like an idiot and hurting her too!
Overall, it made me feel good.

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