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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Marilyn Monroe: The Last Sitting (photos by Bert Stern)

This exhibition focuses on the several thousand photographs that Bert Stern took of Marilyn Monroe over the course of three days, shortly before her death.
The surprising strength of these pictures, which mainly thrive on the extremely photogenic nature of this beautiful woman and the unique way in which she faced the camera, her perfect accomplice, is also due to Stern's enormous talent.
But this series also reinforces in every viewer a secret need to observe within each photograph a somewhat indication, or a simple clue, or even a slight sign that might allow them to understand how it was possible for so much beauty and such vital strength as those shown to soon afterwards meet the extreme fate that would cut them short forever.
Marilyn was still performing. She remained nothing more than that powerful image that she had created herself and which never let go, even beyond her death.
A composite, extremely complex image, inside which there is a mixture of the touching innocense of an almost child and the brutal sensuality of the grown woman.
Early death has guaranteed her preservation forever in what we consider an intangible, mysterious matter that is floating somewhere between human and divine. Marilyn Monroe has become in her short life a goddess, bursting with grace and beauty, something she never imagined possible to achieve.

Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 6pm, at Centro Cultural de Cascais (until July 17th)

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