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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Big 50!

As they say: "It is better late than never"!
My biggest idol ever, the man I have been watching ever since I can remember, the lead character of the very first American movie I saw "Teen Wolf", that person I dream of meeting one day, the most wonderful actor and spokesperson for Parkinson's disease, Michael J. Fox turned the big 5-0 two days ago.
Best known for his roles in Family Ties, Back to the Future and Spin City, Michael J. Fox was born Michael Andrew Fox, on June 9th, 1961, in Canada. As a teenager he decided to leave his homecountry behind and try for an acting career in Los Angeles, which was not very easy, having survived on boxes of macaroni and cheese for a while, but he is an example that persistence will pay off sooner or later.
And nowadays anything new that comes along will just prove to be another challenge for this versatile actor, who deserves all the best he can get.
Happy Birthday, Mr. Michael J. Fox, many happy returns, with every bit of success!

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