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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

R.I.P. Angélico Vieira

O ex-cantor dos D'ZRT deixou-nos uma grande mensagem da forma mais triste possível. Pessoal, usem sempre cinto de segurança! Essa falha custou a vida a Angélico Vieira, que não sobreviveu a um trágico acidente na A1, na madrugada de Sábado, quando rebentou o pneu do BMW que conduzia.
O actor e cantor de 28 anos sofreu um traumatismo crânio-encefálico grave e, apesar dos esforços das equipas médicas, as lesões eram demasiado graves e Angélico acabou por não resistir.
Apesar de não ser fã, nesta hora os nossos pensamentos devem estar com os familiares e amigos de Angélico Vieira, a quem a vida foi tirada cedo demais. Descansa em paz!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Adrian Mole: The Prostrate Years (Sue Townsend)

Adrian Mole is thirty-nine and a quarter. He lives in a semi-detached converted pigsty with his wife Daisy and their daughter. His parents George and Pauline live in the adjoining pigsty. But all is not well.
The secondhand bookshop in which Adrian works is threatened with closing. The spark has fizzled out of his marriage. His mother is threatening to write her autobiography "A girl called Shit"; And Adrian's nightly trips to the lavatory have become alarmingly frequent.
As his troubles multiply, a drunken call to old flame Dr. Pandora Braithwaite (BA, MA, PhD, MP and Junior Minister) awakens memories of what might have been and causes Adrian to wonder: is Pandora the only one who can possibly save him?

Quote: "Graham, is that your bark I hear? / Is that your growl, dear? / Graham, are you there in the daytime, / Are you there in the night? / Is it true that your bark / Was worse than your bite? / You lightened our darkness, / You shouldered our load, / Your eyes were appealing, / Your fur it was gold. / You shouldn't have left us / Before you grew old."

Why this book speaks to me: I love all Adrian Mole diaries, but this one seems sweeter. Adrian's life seems to be tumbling down before his own very eyes: his wife leaves him, he loses his job, his mum goes on TV to expose their life, his daughter is not doing well at school, but above all, Adrian discovers that he has prostate cancer and, eventually, his hair falls out.
What else could happen to a person?
Although, Mr. Mole manages to keep his head up high and get on with the little things life still has to offer, it really makes us think that it cannot be all that bad, there is always a purpose for everything, we just need to try to figure it out and get on living, after all that is why we are here!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Don't Judge (Rebecca Lavelle)

I first heard of Rebecca Lavelle on an Australian T.V. series called "McLeod's Daughters", about these sisters who inherit a ranch. Being such a fan of horses and having done a lot of horse-riding at a very young age, that show was heaven to me.
However, after a while, I heard the most amazing song, the story of my life, and I could not get it out of my head!
I do not know if it is karma, or just fate, but I am a true loner, someone who is used to being alone. Someday that might change, but so far it is my life and I am happy with it. However, when people meet me I know for a fact that they like judging without even knowing me, but I will not get into that, those who know me matter, those who do not can take a walk...
Now back to the song, here it is, "Don't Judge" (with pics from the show):

Monday, June 13, 2011

Santo António (13 de Junho), São João (24 de Junho) e a todos os outros Santos que se seguem...

São Pedro perdeu as chaves,
Santo António o menino,
São João foi pelos ares
e para mal dos seus azares
não encontra o cordeirinho.

Santo António anda tonto,
São Pedro diz que não vê,
São João caiu redondo
e do céu deu um tombo,
tropeçou não sabe em quê!


...E assim passaram 27 anos...

Faz hoje 27 anos que mais um grande músico português nos deixou. Tinha apenas 39 anos.
De António Joaquim Rodrigues Ribeiro a António Variações, um nome que marca uma essência: "Variações é uma palavra que sugere elasticidade, liberdade. E é exactamente isso que eu sou e que faço no campo da música. Aquilo que canto é heterogéneo. Não quero enveredar por um estilo. Não sou limitado. Tenho a preocupação de fazer coisas de vários estilos."
Foi exactamente o que fez e ainda hoje a sua discografia continua a influenciar a música portuguesa.

Não podia deixar passar este dia sem partilhar a canção com a qual me identifico mais:

Aniversário de Fernando Pessoa

O que me dói não é
o que há no coração,
mas essas coisas lindas
que nunca existirão...

São as formas sem forma,
que passam sem que a dor
as possa conhecer,
ou as sonhar o amor.

São como se a tristeza
fosse árvore e, uma a uma,
caíssem as suas folhas
entre o vestígio e a bruma.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Casa Das Histórias (Paula Rego)

The Drowned Bear (Paula Rego)
This collection (held in Cascais) consists of an extraordinary group of paintings, drawings and etchings produced by Paula Rego on a variety of media and using a wide range of techniques. The collection covers a period of roughly 50 years in her prolific artistic career, and will be shown in the permanent exhibition on a rotational basis.
Most of Paula Rego's paintings are works from the 1980s (e.g. the Opera series; Vivian Girls; In and Out of the Sea) but also include some of her emblematic pieces from the 1960s (e.g. Always at Your Excellency's Service; When We Had a House in the Country; The Exile; Centaur), the 1990s (e.g. Angel; Love; The Company of Women) and even as late as 2008 (Human Cargo).
Besides her work, there is another exhibition entitled "My Choice", Where Paula Rego sellects her favourite pieces from the British Council Collection: One hundred and twenty works, which include drawings, engravings, photographs and paintings, that reflect the artist's identity.

My Choice Collection: Madame Yevonde,
Machine Worker in Summer, 1937

Marilyn Monroe: The Last Sitting (photos by Bert Stern)

This exhibition focuses on the several thousand photographs that Bert Stern took of Marilyn Monroe over the course of three days, shortly before her death.
The surprising strength of these pictures, which mainly thrive on the extremely photogenic nature of this beautiful woman and the unique way in which she faced the camera, her perfect accomplice, is also due to Stern's enormous talent.
But this series also reinforces in every viewer a secret need to observe within each photograph a somewhat indication, or a simple clue, or even a slight sign that might allow them to understand how it was possible for so much beauty and such vital strength as those shown to soon afterwards meet the extreme fate that would cut them short forever.
Marilyn was still performing. She remained nothing more than that powerful image that she had created herself and which never let go, even beyond her death.
A composite, extremely complex image, inside which there is a mixture of the touching innocense of an almost child and the brutal sensuality of the grown woman.
Early death has guaranteed her preservation forever in what we consider an intangible, mysterious matter that is floating somewhere between human and divine. Marilyn Monroe has become in her short life a goddess, bursting with grace and beauty, something she never imagined possible to achieve.

Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 6pm, at Centro Cultural de Cascais (until July 17th)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Big 50!

As they say: "It is better late than never"!
My biggest idol ever, the man I have been watching ever since I can remember, the lead character of the very first American movie I saw "Teen Wolf", that person I dream of meeting one day, the most wonderful actor and spokesperson for Parkinson's disease, Michael J. Fox turned the big 5-0 two days ago.
Best known for his roles in Family Ties, Back to the Future and Spin City, Michael J. Fox was born Michael Andrew Fox, on June 9th, 1961, in Canada. As a teenager he decided to leave his homecountry behind and try for an acting career in Los Angeles, which was not very easy, having survived on boxes of macaroni and cheese for a while, but he is an example that persistence will pay off sooner or later.
And nowadays anything new that comes along will just prove to be another challenge for this versatile actor, who deserves all the best he can get.
Happy Birthday, Mr. Michael J. Fox, many happy returns, with every bit of success!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

O Pauzinho do Matrimónio (Autor desconhecido, ilustrado por Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro)

Um almanaque típico do Séc. XIX, com os habituais calendários, adivinhas, poemas, pequenos contos e demais textos (de autores desconhecidos) cuja temática erótica conta com os hilariantes desenhos de Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro. Para melhor descrever o que se pode encontrar neste livro, que, apesar de tudo, conta com um elevado sentido de humor, não há nada melhor do que um trecho da nota escrita pelos editores (também eles anónimos) "aos caturras":
"Vão gritar muito contra o pauzinho. Dirão que é imoral, que não tem graça e há-de até parecer-lhes perigoso. E contudo serão eles próprios, os pudicos, os castos, que hão-de comprar o livro e lê-lo de uma assentada.
Não fizeram outro tanto a um romance - magnificamente belo na forma e na essência - que se publicou há pouco?...
Por descargo de consciência, diremos que o fim do pauzinho não é perverter, mas divertir...
E se ele for parar às mãos de alguma menina que, por excesso de ingenuidade, se apegue a ele como as velhas ao seu Santo António? Não será culpa nossa."

O resto do texto, apesar de não ter qualquer mal, segundo a minha opinião, é demasiado forte para ser colocado aqui. No entanto, para aguçar o apetite, deixo um poema que consta do livro, sobre a primeira vez:

"Vem comigo pastora; pouco dista
A minha casa. Creio até ser esta!
Entra ali no meu quarto pela fresta,
Mas vê bem que ninguém te vá na pista!

-Desconfio! Consinta que resista!
-Desconfias de mim? Pior é esta!
Nisto um beijo de amor lhe dá na testa
E a faz entrar no quarto sem ser vista.

Na cama deita a bela descomposta...
Estremece, bem vejo? A causa é justa;
Perder os três vinténs sempre desgosta!

-Perdê-los, não!... A dor é que me assusta!
Enfim, se me não quer ver indisposta
Não mos tire duma vez, se lhe não custa!..."

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Disco Voador (Clã)

Os Clã nunca deixaram de me surpreender e voltam a fazê-lo com o mais recente "Disco Voador", um álbum inspirado nos mais novos, mas para todas as idades, recheado de temas bem actuais, com as letras mais lindas! A minha preferência vai para "Amigo do peito", "Os embeiçados" (sei bem a quem dedicar esta música), "Impaciente", "Chocolatando" (a história da minha vida), "O meu a meu dono", "Cantiga de embalar a minha mãe" e "Infra-Herói".

Amigo do peito
Paf e Puf
Os embeiçados
Asas Delta
O meu a meu dono
Cantiga de embalar a minha mãe
Loja do Mestre Hermeto
Velho bebé
Os que pairam

"O meu amigo não é toc nem delete,
o meu amigo não é chat,
nem retoque em photoshop.
O meu amigo é em carne e osso,
falamos com os olhos
e vemos com os dedos,
pensamos em voz alta
nos sonhos e nos medos."

Sunday, June 05, 2011

An Easter Gift... Or just plain weird?

When I created this blog, I never intended to write about the personal lives of celebrities, but this time I made an exception for another weird celeb baby name: On April 22nd, Bryan Adams welcomed baby daughter Mirabella Bunny Adams. I know bunnies are Easter icons, but it sounds like she is set to become a stripper...

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Goddess of Vengeance (Jackie Collins)

Lucky Santangelo is back with a vengeance - in a novel full of power, passion, revenge and the raging family dynamics of the Santangelo clan - and, as always, our favourite goddess comes out on top!
Lucky rules with her high profile casino and hotel complex, The Keys, in Vegas. Lennie, her ex-movie-star husband, is still writing and directing successful movies; while Max, her wild and gorgeous teenage daughter, is about to celebrate her 18th birthday; and her son, Bobby, owns a string of hot clubs.
Lucky has everything: Family; Love; Life.
And everything is exactly what billionaire businessman Armand Jordan is determined to take from her one way or the other.
Born a Prince in the small but affluent Middle Eastern country of Akramshar, Armand moves to America with his mother at an early age and rises to become a real estate business titan. Women in his eyes are nothing more than breeding objects or sexual playthings, so when he is told that the one property he covets more than anything, The Keys, is not for sale, he is shocked. That a mere woman would turn down his offer is unthinkable, so Armand vows to force Lucky's hand, whatever it takes.
Therefore, the battle for power begins...
Meanwhile Bobby and Max are getting into their own trouble.
Bobby inadvertently becomes involved in his best friend, M.J.'s problems, causing friction between Bobby and his girlfriend, L.A. Deputy D.A., Denver Jones; While young Max is entering the world of forbidden love. Will she be able to keep Billy a secret from her mum? Read and find out...

Quote: "It kind of irked Max that she lurked so far behind in the sex stakes, but then again she didn't want to give it up to just anyone. The first time had to be special, and she was making sure that it was."

What I liked about this book: I love Jackie Collins novels, in particularly the Lucky Santangelo collection, since she manages to include the Hollywood glamour, romance, humour and suspense all rolled into one. If you have been following the world news you will relate to what goes on throughout the story, since it is based on recent events and people, but you also have lessons on life, love and relationships from several of her characters.

What I disliked about this book: I have raised the bar very high for Jackie Collins and this time the action started much later than I would have expected, which disappointed me.