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Monday, April 18, 2011

Linda McCartney - Life in Photographs

A selection of photographs taken by late Linda McCartney has been made by Sir Paul McCartney and their children for a new book described as a "last testament" to Linda, who passed away from cancer in 1998.
The ex-Beatle is quoted in The Belfast Telegraph: "From the early days I have very much admired her photography and being able to experience it personally only added to my feelings of admiration. In those days, it was quite unusual for a woman photographer to be working on her own in photography and, in many ways, I know she has inspired a large number of female photographers who followed in her footsteps."
Linda made a name for herself by taking pictures of some of the biggest rock stars in the 1960's, becoming the first female photographer to take a cover shot for Rolling Stone magazine.
The book, entitled "Life in Photographs", is out in the UK and costs £44.99.

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