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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Gun Seller (Hugh Laurie)

The star of the award-winning TV Series, House, makes a terrific debut as a writer with this very funny novel about soft-hearted Thomas Lang, who is hired to assassinate an American industrialist. He opts instead to warn the intended victim - a good deed that does not go unpunished. Within hours Lang is butting heads with a Buddha statue, competing with evil billionaires and putting his life, among other things, in the hands of a couple of femmes fatales, whilst trying to save a beautiful lady... And prevent an international bloodbath to top it up.

Quote: "'I don't know what he's told you about himself. I'm kind of guessing that he didn't tell you about the thirty-six tons of cocaine he's brought into Europe in the last four months. He tell you that?' I tried to shake my head. 'Nah, I figured he'd forget to mention that. But that's bad with a capital B, wouldn't you say, Tom? I'd say it was. The Devil's alive on earth, and he's selling crack cocaine. Yeah, sounds like a song. What rhymes with cocaine?'
'Pain,' I said.
'Yeah,' said Groomed. He enjoyed that. 'Pain.'... 'Ever noticed how bad guys mix with bad guys, Tom? I've noticed that. Happens all the time. I don't know, they like to feel at home, shared interests, same star sign, whatever. See it a thousand times. A thousand times.'"

Why this book speaks to me: This story is told in the first person, through Lang we are given the opportunity to live the same moments and experience his feelings, but we are also made aware of a man's perspective on life in general, love, women and sex.
A very funny and educational piece of literature. I must say that Hugh Laurie is a better writer than many who have been doing it for years!

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