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Friday, April 29, 2011

Fever of the Bone (Val McDermid)

Here you will meet Tony Hill's most twisted adversary - a killer unmoved by youth and innocence, a killer driven by the most perverted desires...
It all starts when a teenager's murdered and mutilated body is discovered, there is clearly a dangerous psychopath on the loose. But it is not long before Tony and DCI Carol Jordan realise that this is just the start of a brutal campaign targeting an apparently unconnected group of young people. The chameleon-like killer is chatting to them online, pretending to share their interests and beliefs - and then luring them to their deaths...

Quote: "We've all been there. On holiday, in some out of the way village or on a beach that isn't in the Lonely Planet guide or in some fabulous little seafood restaurant recommended by the locals. And we come face to face with somebody who plays football with our brother or catches our bus every morning or walks their dog in the same park as we do. And we're amazed. It's the thing we tell everybody when we get home - 'you'll never believe who I ran into...' But stop and think about it. Think of the myriad moments of each day on your holiday when you didn't run into anyone you recognised. Come to that, think of the myriad moments of every single day at home when you don't run into anyone you recognise. Mathematically, the chances are that you are going to run into someone you recognise eventually pretty much wherever you go. The world is a shrinking contact zone. Every year that passes, our chances of these apparently meaningful encounters grow. But they are not meaningful. Unless of course you do have a stalker, in which case you need to disregard everything I am saying and call the police."

Why this book speaks to me: I love suspense and horror fiction, but what I love the most in this story is that it warns you about the dangers which you may encounter online, so be careful who you talk to and what information you give out through the internet because not everyone speaks the truth, and most times they do not... But even more than that I love the relationships between the various characters and how they are there for each other without judging, with the single aim of making the world a better and easier place... How often does this really happen in real life?

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