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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

'Allo 'Allo (British sitcom created by David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd)

René Artois is a café owner in the Nazi-occupied French town of Nouvion. German Colonel Von Strohm is on good terms with René but exploits the café to hide a stolen painting - the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies by Van Klomp - he plans to sell after the war in order to retire. Unfortunately Hitler also wants the painting and has sent Gestapo agent Otto Flick to find it, but the Germans are not René's only problem.
The French Resistance, led by Michelle, force him to aid their persistent attempts to return two bumbling British airmen to England and all the time René must keep his long-running affairs with two waitresses secret from the wife or risk losing his cherished café.

Starring: Gorden Kaye, Carmen Silvera, Vicki Michelle, Kirsten Cooke, Jack Haig, Richard Gibson, Kim Hartman, Richard Marner, Guy Siner, Rose Hill, Arthur Bostrom, Francesca Gonshaw, Sam Kelly, Hilary Minster, John Louis Mansi, Sue Hodge, Gavin Richards

Why the love for this sitcom: What makes it so different from other TV shows of the 80´s is the innovative portrayal of languages used, with French characters speaking English in a French accent, whilst the English had an upper class beat. Therefore, the poor French of Englishman Crabtree could be depicted by his serial mispronunciations, such as his famous greeting: "Good Moaning".
Other catchphrases include Michelle's famous "Listen very carefully, I shall say zis only once" and René's "You stupid woman", everytime he spoke to his wife.
This show also mocked certain stereotypes, in particular the sex-obsessed French and the posh British nitwits, while dealing with the serious subject of World War II.

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