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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Virxilio Vieitez (1930-2008)

The works of photographer Virxilio Vieitez (Soutelo de Montes, Pontevedra, Spain) have acquired unquestionable artistic and social value due to the confluence of various genres and factors that place him today among the great names in the world of photography.
His work contains all the characteristics of a photographer who worked by commission to record the vital events and moments of the people and families in his environment. However, his style was unmistakable. He had extraordinary intuition and capacity for the staging of the photograph, in which he included objects and suggestive poses that were almost surreal, but which, in spite of themselves, became fragments of reality bound to the environment.
This exhibition takes into consideration almost all the negatives dated between 1953 and 1980. Many unpublished photographs have also been recovered to reveal the originality of Vieitez when interpreting the genre of the photographic portrait.

Exhibition: Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Vigo (MARCO), Vigo, Spain

Feedback: It is really interesting to see a culture in another point of view, the looks, the staging of the people, the elements used. A lot of it reminded me of the villages in the North and Central Portugal, it brought me back to pictures I had seen of my grandparents and great-grandparents. At some point you are also given the opportunity to take a closer look at the type of camera he used back in the 60´s, not to mention the whole evolution from black and white to colour photography. Totally amazing!

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