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Monday, November 08, 2010

My Family (British sitcom created by Fred Barron)

This sitcom takes a look at the lives of Susan and Ben Harper and their three children: Nick, Janey and Michael.
Ben Harper is a grumpy and sarcastic dentist. When he is not at work sacking another assistant, he is at home trying to relax (which never works). Ben is not all bad though, behind his moody exterior he does really love his family and has to put up with being bossed about and manipulated by his wife Susan, a control freak and very good at getting her way. She is constantly worried about her three children and often forces Ben to go out of his way to monitor or look after them. Susan is a tour guide but seems to spend most of her time at home. She is a terrible cook, and the rest of the family often have to sneak the food she has prepared into the bin without her noticing.
Michael is the youngest of the children, a smart, clever, geeky teenager; Janey Harper is a fashion conscious, money loving, boy mad girl who spends all her time on the telephone, switching boyfriends or pestering dad for money so she can go shopping; Nick Harper is the oldest of the three siblings. He is constantly changing jobs, one minute he is a self-made stunt man, the next he is a mime artist. Nick is extremely laid-back and certainly cannot be trusted to carry out an important task or look after money.
Throughout the various seasons there have been several character changes, Nick moved out and Janey went to college for a while, in the meantime cousin Abi Harper and Nick's Welsh friend, Alfie Butts, moved in with the family.

Starring: Robert Lindsay, Zoë Wanamaker, Gabriel Thomson, Daniela Denby-Ashe, Kris Marshall, Siobhan Hayes, Rhodri Meilir

Why the love for this sitcom: It tells the hilarious stories of a typical British family, except for the fact that they are never afraid of being too straight forward with each other, making comments that ordinary people like us do not have the courage to make torwards others. Although I must say that after Kris Marshall's character, Nick Harper, left the show, it ruined the plot for me, but they remain funny!

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